Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On the road again... redux

Sitting blogging in the airport - Ben Gurion this time.  Have tallit strap marks on my arms, toothpicks in my eyes to mitigate the 1 hour's worth of sleep that I had, and am munching on orange flavoured chocolate covered Elite biscuits. Could be worse. The 6 week summer flew by crazy fast though each day did seem of variable length, as usual.

Nice to be in an airport with free internet. Have a 6 hour layover in London later; Heathrow does not have free internet. Not sure how I'll stay awake, am too tired to go into London for a quick visit as I'd originally planned. Might have to do something terribly old fashioned like read a book!

Also nice to be in an airport where one doesn't stand out as strange when saying morning prayers. I did stand out a bit as a woman wearing a kippah, tallit and tefillin, but who wouldn't:)? At least others are scattered around the room praying as well. It's a nice feeling. Espeically as no one is even glancing in my direction. What a welcome relief after a month in Israel, the jewish homeland but also the nosiest country on earth. I think I might scream if I hear the question "why do you wear a kippah" one more time. Or my favorite variant - do you know what that is on your head? One day I might answer, a dead animal?

Perhaps i shouldn't blog when i am exhausted in mind and body. So I shall stop. Blessed day to all. See you on the other side. Arlene