Monday, July 21, 2014

The Conservative Yeshiva visits Ezrat Yisrael (Egalitarian part of Kotel)


The Conservative Yeshiva has been davenning Shacharit on Sunday mornings at Ezrat Yisrael as often as possible this summer. Here are some pictures of the chevre davenning there. It's lovely to see men and women praying together; women and men leading services; and everyone wearing varying forms of ritual garb - various headcoverings (kippah, hat, scarf or bare head), tallit, tefillin.


A group of students walked to the Kotel VERY EARLY IN THE MORNING with
CY teacher Esther Israel and learned local history on the way. 

Rabbi Joel Levy, Director of the CY, preparing to start davenning.
JTS student Louis Polisson leading Shacharit.

It was a lovely prayer service. Folks were comfortable
just being who they were, as they were,  and praying together. 

This session is a quite a bit larger than last session. Not only do we have a large complement of summer students from all over the world, we also have a group of 30 students specifically from France! Makes for interesting and varied conversations - truly enriches and deepens our learning on all levels. 

Rabbi Joel giving a brief history of Robinson's Arch. 

We had so many people we had to share Siddurim!

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