Monday, June 6, 2011

A Poem: Words and Silence

I've been writing poems, short stories and some just generally pithy and funny statements throughout the past year. Thought I'd start sharing some of them. 

Words and Silence

Baruch She’amer V’Haya Ha’Olam
Blessed is the One who Speaks and the World Becomes

We recognize the power of words
−Their ability to build up
        And to tear down
−Their ability to create
        And to destroy
−Their ability to give birth
        And to kill

We recognize the nuances of silence
−What is said without words
−What is un-said

Because we did not give
    the Words
a chance to be expressed

Because we were too busy
for someone else’s words to be heard

We recognize
    −the Power of Silence
    −the Strength of Silence
    −the Din of Silence

Baruch s’maksheevh v’mamsheech liv’roh et ha’olam
Blessed is the one who listens and
    Continues in the creation of the world

student rabbah arlene berger  
march 2011 

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