Monday, June 13, 2011

Psalm 27 - Interpreted

Psalm 27 Interpreted

A Psalm of David
Hashem is the light and salvation of my soul - who could possibly be more awesome? 
Hashem is my life's protector - just let anyone try to lay a finger on me!
My enemies want to get close? To taste my flesh?
Oh how they stumble and fall!
If a horde should suddenly appear on top of me I won't freak out,
If a battle breaks out in front of me, even then I’ll stay sure. 
Hashem, I ask only this one thing of you -That I can continue to hang out in Your house all the days of my life, to experience your awesomeness and to visit your palace. 
In times of trouble Hashem will hide me in his lair; he hides me in the depths of his tent, he sets me high up on a rock where no one can reach me.
And now, my head is raised high above my enemies who surround me; therefore I will offer in his tent offerings of Joy and music and song!
Hear my voice, O God, Be gracious to me and Answer me.
While to you my heart reports "They seek my face," it is your face God that I am seeking.
Don't your dare hide your face from me! Don't turn your servant away in anger, you have always been there for me before!
Do not forsake me, Do not abandon me, O God who has always before been my Savior.
For my father and my mother left me and Hashem, you are the one who has gathered me up - and then pasted me back together with super glue.
Show me the path, Hashem -- guide me on an even path (a well trodden one so I don't trip) for the sake of my insidious watchers (because they won't stop watching, waiting for me to trip up...).
Do not deliver me to the desires of my enemies, they tell lies about me, they exhale violence with every breath.
It's only because I know that I will see the goodness of Hashem in the land of the living... 
Have hope in Hashem, be strong and have courage, have hope in Hashem.

October 2010

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